Magic Hour Films is a film production company working in the UK and beyond.
We help businesses and venues tell the story and capture the magic moments of their event


Daylight is a specialist digital film studio which has been
helping brands connect with their audience since 2004.

We are practitioners in purpose driven, authentic filmmaking
which inspires and engages viewers.


Borne out of 15 years of filming and editing experience, we specialise in telling short stories in short films.

Filmmaking is our passion, and we relish the challenge of telling the story of your event and all the characters and locations that feature in it and condensing this down to a 3-4 minute film.

We like to film the action as it unfolds, without interfering with your schedule, activities or attendees.

We feel this is the best approach in conveying all the elements of an event, big or small.


This is the secret of capturing those special moments, commonly missed and crafting them into a compelling narrative.

Although our filming style is meticulous, organised and professional we aim to be completely unobtrusive (unless we are conducting interviews).


The "Magic Hour" in cinematography terms is the specific effect achieved due to the quality of the light at the first and last hour of sunlight during the day when from the sun is very low in the sky.

Filmmakers often wait all day to capture special scenes in their movies at these times as the light is softer and more diffused.

This limited and sought after light gives shots a warm, beautiful and inviting glow because it has to travel through more of the atmosphere before it gets to your eye.

To capture such scenes in such a short window of time takes patience, experience, and confidence 

This ethos is the founding principle behind Magic Hour Films, (not that we'll be exclusively shooting at these times of day that would be very impractical!)

More so that we are patient, experienced and confident that we can capture the magic moments of your event.

Some of the clients we have worked with...

Some of the clients we have worked with...

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